Crime Lab New York Keeping Youth Safe and Engaged on Weekends

A growing body of evidence suggests the promise of mentoring, tutoring, and extracurricular sports programs for helping youth stay safe, succeed in school, and avoid involvement with the criminal justice system.

In New York City, the criminal justice system itself is becoming involved in these prevention efforts; the New York County District Attorney’s Office is intervening to prevent crime before it happens with its Saturday Night Lights (SNL) initiative. SNL provides young people with access to a safe and supervised space for sports and fitness activities on weekend nights—when juvenile crime and victimization rates are highest—and connects young people to community-based mentors and academic supports.

Crime Lab New York is partnering with the District Attorney’s Office on this innovative initiative, to support program design, implementation, and evaluation, with the ultimate goal of producing evidence about whether this youth programming can be an effective and replicable crime prevention strategy.