Poverty Lab, Health Lab Sarah's Circle

One in four homeless adults across the country is an unaccompanied woman. Although these women face unique circumstances and challenges, there is a dearth of data and research, let alone dedicated policy and resources, for this population.

Sarah’s Circle, a Chicago provider for women experiencing homelessness, is a leader in the 1 in 4 Initiative, a national effort to create a dialogue, conduct research, formulate policies and advocate for targeted funding for women who are homeless. They provided services to 853 women in 2015, approximately two-thirds of the unaccompanied women who are experiencing homelessness in Chicagoat a given time.

The Poverty Lab and Health Lab have partnered with Sarah’s Circle to develop, administer, and analyze a survey to gather information on the needs and preferences of women experiencing homelessness in Chicago across four key areas: employment, health, housing, and their sense of belonging in the community. This analysis and the communication of findings will contribute to the 1 in 4 Initiative and could serve as the basis for better coordination and provision of services among providers in Chicago.