Crime Lab The Power of Sports: An Interview with Jerry M. Reinsdorf, Owner, Chicago White Sox and Chicago Bulls / April 8, 2019

You commit a great deal of time and resources to philanthropy. What makes philanthropy so important to you?

Sports organizations, and the owners and operators of sports teams, receive so much love from the cities, communities and fan bases that support them – through thick and thin – that it only makes sense that we return the same support. In that sense, I truly believe it is an obligation to give back.

Owners are only temporary custodians of their teams. In the case of sports, sometimes it might mean a financial donation to a charity or support for a cause, but even more often, it is a signed baseball or basketball, a hospital visit from an athlete, or even just stopping to shake a hand and say hello.

On a human level, when you see the real power of sports to make people happy or to dramatically change someone’s life forever, the sense of responsibility is immense. When you can do something to help someone in your community who may be struggling, who may be disadvantaged or may need a lift, the reward is simply amazing. It’s a very powerful return for all of the support fans give their teams and their heroes – the players.


8 April 2019